Testimonial 1

"Sunny's team is extremely skilled.  She's put together a group of trusted bilingual staff. They're our go-to team when we need medical or legal interpreters.  What I like about Sunny's company is that she can always fulfill my last minute, urgent, requests and responds right away to my email and texts."

- April West

Agency Calendar Department


Testimonial 2

“Sunny and her team have been a Godsend.  I had a very difficult situation with my surrogate, and the agency did not have a Mandarin-speaking person until they hired Sunny and her team on board. Not only did they provide over-the-phone interpretation for contracts, but they also provided written translation for all e-mail communications. I'm amazed at how fast Sunny responded to my e-mails and inquiries as if there were no time difference between China and US.

She even provided emotional support during my ordeal.  She is honest and compassionate. Without Sunny, I don't know what I would have done.”

- Yang Lin

Intended Mother


Testimonial 3

"Sunny is fast, accurate, and is easy for all parties to understand.  Additionally, she spends the time to prepare for the subject matter and she's attentive to detail. I highly recommend her to all of our clients with Chinese-language needs."

- Andrew Li



Testimonial 4

"Sunny Johnston has been my Mandarin tutor for two-and-a-half years, for a year as my instructor at a language institute in Beverly Hills and now as my private tutor.  She makes learning this challenging language fun, and her skills as a teacher and her personality are the reasons I have continued learning Mandarin from her.  She is engaging, passionate about teaching, and perceptive to her students’ needs.  Complementing her teaching skills is her knowledge of Chinese culture, which she expertly weaves into her lessons.  At whatever level of expertise, a student of Mandarin would progress exponentially under her tutelage."

- Stephen Tao

Executive Producer 


Testimony 5

"I love learning Chinese with Sunny! She creates a program tailored to my specific needs and always goes beyond what is covered in the textbook. In the 4 weeks that I have spent with Sunny, I have already noticed my vocab and pronunciation improve immensely. Thanks Sunny!"

 -Jenny Eng

 Environmental Consultant