Accent Reduction and Correction in Chinese:

 - Language coaching for non-Chinese actors for television and film roles

 - Accent reduction for Chinese-American actors

 - Authentic & standard Mandarin Chinese for ADR work in post production


How can Ma (1st tone) ma (neutral tone) ma (4th tone) ma (3rd tone) mean “Mother is cussing at the horse” in Mandarin?   Because Chinese is a tonal language.  Whether you aspire to do business in China or meet your potential Chinese in-laws; to be truly socially accepted, it is imperative to get rid of your accent. 


Sunny’s highly sensitive and trained ears will immediately identify your problematic area in the first session, and her unique teaching style will set you free from ever saying “I am tone deaf!”

Please contact us or call (310) 210 7070 for rates and availability. 


Accent Reduction & Correction in English:

Tired of people laughing at your Chinglish?  Can’t get rid of your heavy accent?  The truth is, no matter how smart you are, if you speak English with a heavy accent, some people will perceive you as “not-so-smart.”  But don’t be discouraged by the myth that “if you come to America after such and such age, you just can’t get rid of your accent!”  This falsehood prevents many people from reaching their true potential.

Contact Sunny and her team to discuss a detailed plan on how to get rid of your accent and be truly assimilated to the American life. Please contact us at (310) 210 7070 for rates and availability.