Sunshine Language Services works with a group of professional multi-lingual staff. Some are licensed court and medical interpreters while others are professional interpreters of other varying backgrounds.  We are familiar with both the Chinese and American cultures, and we have a thorough understanding of the legal, medical and surrogacy processes.  We adhere to a high standard of professional ethics, and are passionate about our work. We are honored to provide you with excellent service. 

Sunny Johnston: Sunny is a court certified Mandarin interpreter in the State of California and Federally approved Mandarin interpreter.  She assists clients in civil, criminal, asylum, immigration, surrogacy and egg donation cases.

Yaya Chou: Yaya is a court certified Mandarin interpreter and published translator.  She is proficient with state and federal court interpreting assignments.  She is also familiar the IVF process and all legal contracts in the surrogacy process. She is patient and detail-oriented, she will help you manage the IVF treatment and guide you through the entire surrogacy process.
Yaya is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Sarah Sun: Sarah is a court certified Mandarin interpreter in the State of California and Federally approved Mandarin interpreter.  Sarah has a broad interpreting experience including interpreting telephonically for major hospitals as well as insurance companies. She also assists clients in immigration, criminal and civil cases.  Sarah is also fluent in German. 

Minna Chang: Minna has been a long-standing certified interpreter and has also worked in the legal industry as a legal assistant for decades.  As a faithful Christian, she often provides interpreting service for her church. Minna is also passionate about painting, and is an accomplished artist.

Flora Zhong:  Flora is an experienced and licensed medical interpreter.  Born and raised in Hong Kong and pursued higher education in the United States, Flora is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

Aida Hung:  Aida is experienced and licensed Cantonese interpreter.  Aida has been serving the Chinese American community in Los Angeles as an interpreter for more than 15 years.  Aida specializes in medical appointments and hospital visits.  Aida is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Jia-Wei Hwang: Jia-Wei has a diverse experience in interpretation and translation in many different arenas including legal, medical, entertainment, immigration, military and various business environments. She is also registered as a Taiwanese Interpreter with the court.

Joan Chow: Joan is an experienced professional interpreter.  She was a trained mid-wife and nurse in Taiwan. She has been living in the United States for nearly 30 years.  She has a wealth of work experience, and she is familiar with the American culture.  She has assisted many patients in completing their IVF treatments.  She will be an invaluable asset to your clients' IVF treatments. Ms. Chow is fluent in Mandarin, English and speaks conversational Taiwanese.

Notary Public/Certified Legal Video Specialist

David Johnston: Dave is a Notary Public as well as an experienced certified Legal video specialist.  He is talented and extremely attentive to details. He assists clients in depositions by capturing important testimony, which can be used as invaluable evidence for trial. 

Dave is also an accent reduction coach.  Dave loves Chinese culture. He even taught English in Harbin, China for a year; therefore he understands the accent and pronunciation issues when Chinese speak English.  Dave can help you greatly reduce accent issues in a short span of three months.